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"In Douglas I found the rare combination of a natural teacher and an incredibly talented and credentialed musician. With his prolific knowledge, he grounds his lessons in history and then explores the current context and relevance. His teachings, borne out of his deep passion, always tie back to playing and to discovering the most musical way to express an idea. Douglas is an invested and creative educator and mentor, driving and inspiring significant development in his students. He's a professional and a pleasure to learn from and work with. If you're looking to grow as a drummer and musician, I unreservedly recommend Douglas."

Former private student, NYC

"Douglas is an exceptional teacher and an absolute pleasure to work with. He is the 'Renaissance Man' of percussion with a wealth of knowledge he is happy to share, whether it be about comping in a Jazz quartet to the history of the Timbales - and all of what he shares helps you expand your own abilities as a percussionist. He teaches you to approach pieces by finding historical context and intended purpose and showing it through technique, phrasing, and overall sound. Douglas's passion for music and his overall character can make a three-hour lesson or rehearsal feel like just about fifteen minutes, yet the things you learn last a lifetime."

Former student at The Juilliard School, Music Advancement Program

"Many thanks for giving an artistic, perceptive, supportive, and encouraging masterclass to our jazz students this morning. I know they enjoyed it and learned a great deal."

The Colburn School, Los Angeles

"Every week my son looked forward to his lessons with Mr. Marriner. It boosted his confidence and improved his musicianship tenfold. It was truly something for which we are ever grateful!"

Parent of former Percussion Ensemble student

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